Bloodsport Lives


When you are one of the only foreigners spectating at a Muay Thai event, in god-knows-where north Thailand, you know things are about to get real. I was almost more entertained by the betting action than I was with the matches. The gamblers were just as fierce with their betting as the 7-year-olds were brutal with their blows. It was a vicious seesaw of a competition.  Continue reading “Bloodsport Lives”


Common Sense Is Not So Common


One of my biggest takeaways from my kickboxing trip in Thailand is, it is imperative for everyone to look up the cultural norms of a country before traveling there.  During a back and forth exchange, our big bearded Croatian friend went a little too far playing with our trainer. I watched the Croatian give our trainer a one-armed bear hug then pat his head in a playful yet condescending manner. Continue reading “Common Sense Is Not So Common”

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