Liver Shot

livershot copy

A strike that I find under-used and under-practiced is the liver shot. It is not because it is dangerous, it is because people forget about it. It can be one of the most devastating blows. I think think people tend to neglect it because it is not as glamorous as the other strikes.

With head strikes we see the body reaction immediately but with a body shot it tends to be like a time bomb. Damage from a liver shot isn’t immediately recognized because the victim usually has a delayed response. The person on the receiving may not be visibly destroyed, like you would see from a elbow or a hook to the jaw, but you can be rest assured their soul is being drained from their body.

The organ strike can be completely incapacitating. I have been on the receiving of one of these strikes once or twice during practice. When I felt them they weren’t even at 100% power and they still sidelined me. With all the clenching and close range fighting that goes on in Muay Thai, the liver shot is a great strike to have in your arsenal.


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