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buakaw_elbows_strike (c)2017

I can’t do a blog on Muay Thai without mentioning an all time great, Buakaw Banchamek. You know you have reached a ridiculous level of skill when an organization has to change its rules because of you. It is rumored that K-1 Kickboxing removed clinching because Buakaw destroyed their prized fighters with the clinch.

If you want to checkout out some awesome fights or highlight reels just youtube Buakaw, you will either be motivated to pick up a pair of gloves or be so freaked out you never want to try “The Muay Thai”. In case you didn’t know, that popular internet video of a Thai chopping down a banana tree with his leg is Buakaw. I used to think he was just popular in kickboxing culture but the man truly holds rockstar status in Thailand.


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