Functional Fitness

Ever since I found Muay Thai I kicked bodybuilding to the curb. Now, that doesn’t mean I don’t lift weights anymore. I just like to incorporate exercise routines that will compliment me in kickboxing.  Continue reading “Functional Fitness”


Work That Trigonometry

When it comes to engaging someone in a spar or fight you have to remember to work the angles. It isn’t just about moving forward, back, left, or right. Fighting is like an art and sometimes you have to use your creativity to adapt to your challenge.  Continue reading “Work That Trigonometry”

Bouncy Toes

One of the best ways to get light on your feet is skipping rope. This exercise is a staple in Muay Thai Kickboxing. Jump rope helps you build nearly every single muscle in your legs. Since this sport is heavily dependent on the use of your legs jump rope is an invaluable tool.  Continue reading “Bouncy Toes”

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