The Mongkol

Mongkol (c)2017

The mongkol is that headband like item you’ll see some muay thai fighters wear when they enter the ring. There’s a big misconception where kickboxers believe it is a personal item. Even up until recently, I used to think it was something fighters went out and got for themselves.

It is ok to have some innocent ignorance every now and then. We have a lot of people getting ready to compete at my current gym so my current trainer explained to me that he wants to get a mongkol for the gym. I’ve never owned a mongkol but even in Thailand I would see westerners go out and buy one for themselves.

See, the mongkol is supposed to represent the gym, your family, and loyalty. It isn’t so much about you, the individual. I was happy to hear my trainer wanting to do it the right way, to get the fighters a single mongkol, take it to a temple together, and get it blessed. I am not so much of a religious person but if you are going to adopt a tradition you might as well do it the correct way.


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