Sparring or Jarring

Sparring day is one of those things that people usually have a love and hate relationship with. At the gym I go to it is safe to say that we are all novices, so we have a lot of areas where we can improve on. Since this is a contact sport and concussions are a reality it is important to recognize sparring should be practiced responsibly.  Continue reading “Sparring or Jarring”


Functional Fitness

Ever since I found Muay Thai I kicked bodybuilding to the curb. Now, that doesn’t mean I don’t lift weights anymore. I just like to incorporate exercise routines that will compliment me in kickboxing.  Continue reading “Functional Fitness”

Work That Trigonometry

When it comes to engaging someone in a spar or fight you have to remember to work the angles. It isn’t just about moving forward, back, left, or right. Fighting is like an art and sometimes you have to use your creativity to adapt to your challenge.  Continue reading “Work That Trigonometry”


Bouncy Toes

One of the best ways to get light on your feet is skipping rope. This exercise is a staple in Muay Thai Kickboxing. Jump rope helps you build nearly every single muscle in your legs. Since this sport is heavily dependent on the use of your legs jump rope is an invaluable tool.  Continue reading “Bouncy Toes”


The Mongkol

Mongkol (c)2017

The mongkol is that headband like item you’ll see some muay thai fighters wear when they enter the ring. There’s a big misconception where kickboxers believe it is a personal item. Even up until recently, I used to think it was something fighters went out and got for themselves.

Continue reading “The Mongkol”


Pack Protection

You won’t always get kicked in the crotch but the day you forget protection you can almost be certain you will be. It is like what Murphy’s Law says, “whatever can go wrong, will go wrong.”  My friend Adam survived this accident, thankfully.  Continue reading “Pack Protection”


The Revolutionary



buakaw_elbows_strike (c)2017

I can’t do a blog on Muay Thai without mentioning an all time great, Buakaw Banchamek. You know you have reached a ridiculous level of skill when an organization has to change its rules because of you. It is rumored that K-1 Kickboxing removed clinching because Buakaw destroyed their prized fighters with the clinch.

Continue reading “The Revolutionary”


Liver Shot

livershot copy

A strike that I find under-used and under-practiced is the liver shot. It is not because it is dangerous, it is because people forget about it. It can be one of the most devastating blows. I think think people tend to neglect it because it is not as glamorous as the other strikes. Continue reading “Liver Shot”


Camp Soulmate

Some people say love at first sight is real, it supposedly has something to do with finding a soulmate.  Well if that’s the case I would have to say that my soulmate is a gym in Chiang Mai, Thailand.  I could care less about the daily routines there. Something about this place attracted amazing people which resulted in amazing experiences. Continue reading “Camp Soulmate”


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