Camp Soulmate

Some people say love at first sight is real, it supposedly has something to do with finding a soulmate.  Well if that’s the case I would have to say that my soulmate is a gym in Chiang Mai, Thailand.  I could care less about the daily routines there. Something about this place attracted amazing people which resulted in amazing experiences. Continue reading “Camp Soulmate”


ramon-dekkers-1 (c) 2017

Typically people do not become legends until they die. Ramon Dekkers was one of the few people on Earth to break this norm.  This man achieved stardom before I ever knew what Muay Thai even was. Continue reading “Legend”

Bloodsport Lives


When you are one of the only foreigners spectating at a Muay Thai event, in god-knows-where north Thailand, you know things are about to get real. I was almost more entertained by the betting action than I was with the matches. The gamblers were just as fierce with their betting as the 7-year-olds were brutal with their blows. It was a vicious seesaw of a competition.  Continue reading “Bloodsport Lives”

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