Everyone’s Pet Peeves

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Learning Muay Thai is a team effort, just like any other sport. Everyone is there training because they want to learn. If they did not want to learn they would not be there practicing with an entire class. Do not be that guy or girl that no one wants to train with. Continue reading “Everyone’s Pet Peeves”



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The first time I learned about Muay Thai was when I saw a Wanderlei Silva fight video. One of Silva’s most famous finishes ever was when he tied up Quinton Jackson and delivered nonstop knees. All I remember was hearing how that was a Muay Thai technique. Continue reading “Clinching”


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Typically people do not become legends until they die. Ramon Dekkers was one of the few people on Earth to break this norm.  This man achieved stardom before I ever knew what Muay Thai even was. Continue reading “Legend”

The Under-Practiced & Under-Used Strike

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From what I have noticed elbows tend to be rarely practiced at gyms. This could just be an issue of certain gyms not wanting to deal with the liability of someone getting their head split open on their premises.  I would say that being on the receiving end of an accidental elbow comes with the baggage of participating in the art. Accidents happen and if using two of the eight strikes in Muay Thai scares you or a gym, then maybe you shouldn’t practicing  Muay Thai to begin with. Continue reading “The Under-Practiced & Under-Used Strike”

Sak Yant Tattoos

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Sak Yant tattoos seem to be the popular permanent souvenir among many tourists visiting Thailand. Angelina Jolie can probably be attributed with setting the trend for Westerners. But way before random people began to get this ink for fun, warriors and fighters were getting getting Sak Yant for protection from harm. Continue reading “Sak Yant Tattoos”

Bloodsport Lives


When you are one of the only foreigners spectating at a Muay Thai event, in god-knows-where north Thailand, you know things are about to get real. I was almost more entertained by the betting action than I was with the matches. The gamblers were just as fierce with their betting as the 7-year-olds were brutal with their blows. It was a vicious seesaw of a competition.  Continue reading “Bloodsport Lives”

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