Sparring or Jarring

Sparring day is one of those things that people usually have a love and hate relationship with. At the gym I go to it is safe to say that we are all novices, so we have a lot of areas where we can improve on. Since this is a contact sport and concussions are a reality it is important to recognize sparring should be practiced responsibly.  Continue reading “Sparring or Jarring”


Work That Trigonometry

When it comes to engaging someone in a spar or fight you have to remember to work the angles. It isn’t just about moving forward, back, left, or right. Fighting is like an art and sometimes you have to use your creativity to adapt to your challenge.  Continue reading “Work That Trigonometry”

Liver Shot

livershot copy

A strike that I find under-used and under-practiced is the liver shot. It is not because it is dangerous, it is because people forget about it. It can be one of the most devastating blows. I think think people tend to neglect it because it is not as glamorous as the other strikes. Continue reading “Liver Shot”


Everyone’s Pet Peeves (c)2017

Learning Muay Thai is a team effort, just like any other sport. Everyone is there training because they want to learn. If they did not want to learn they would not be there practicing with an entire class. Do not be that guy or girl that no one wants to train with. Continue reading “Everyone’s Pet Peeves”


The Under-Practiced & Under-Used Strike (c) 2017

From what I have noticed elbows tend to be rarely practiced at gyms. This could just be an issue of certain gyms not wanting to deal with the liability of someone getting their head split open on their premises.  I would say that being on the receiving end of an accidental elbow comes with the baggage of participating in the art. Accidents happen and if using two of the eight strikes in Muay Thai scares you or a gym, then maybe you shouldn’t practicing  Muay Thai to begin with. Continue reading “The Under-Practiced & Under-Used Strike”


Fairtex Fanboy


I know someone that has thrown away a perfectly good pair of boxing gloves because they became too much for their nose to handle. Fairtex is the only company that I know of who produces a breathable mesh glove, to help mitigate the issue of your glove smelling like a rotten corpse. Continue reading “Fairtex Fanboy”


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